Jon works at Pilgrim & Pearl as a ‘guest shucker’

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Jon Crofts has been a man in demand lately, putting in hours at local restaurants as a “guest shucker”.

Jon has been putting in some hours at the new Pilgrim & Pearl restaurant as ‘guest shucker’.  Jennifer Schell in a recent article wrote about this new restaurant where Jon is a major supplier.  She wrote:

Okanagan oyster lovers need not fantasize about Vancouver’s many bars dedicated to this lavish, love-enhancing bivalve—we’ve now got our own sexy joint across from city park to melt into at Pilgrim & Pearl.

Walking through the lobby of the Prestige Inn, one cannot help but be drawn hook, line and sinker through the gorgeous glass doors and into the arms of this airy, West Coast-style room.  A beautiful long bar with comfy seating faces the open-air kitchen and heaps of oysters waiting to be fresh shucked for you. There are tables throughout, surrounded by lots of light coming through the large windows, high ceilings with nautical touches perfectly placed here and there. Pilgrim & Pearl has filled a gaping hole in our culinary landscape and the locals are as happy as clams.

I love the concept at Pilgrim and Pearl, the room is one of the nicest spaces you’ll find in Kelowna and the fact that they’ve had great success with their fresh fish and oyster program is just the icing on the cake.

Jon Crofts