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[rs_blockquote cite=”Mark Twain”]When you fish for love, bait with your heart, not your brain.[/rs_blockquote]

Codfathers has been open in Kelowna for nearly 25 years now, founded by the local Bishop family, the market has been owned and operated since 2002 by Jon and Anne-Marie Crofts, who emigrated from the south of England a few months earlier.

The trade of “fishmongery” was fast becoming a dying art across Europe and North America, due to the rise of big box stores and bulk trade in seafood as a commodity.

Both Jon and Anne- Marie believe passionately that Seafood should not be treated as just another mass produced protein, and that it should have special status as one of the few remaining foods that have to be hunted and gathered, sometimes at considerable risk to the fisherman. The place for modern fishmongers in the world is to show these wild gems the respect that they deserve, and use their mongering skills to ensure that fish is presented and prepared to the highest standard, so that they make it to the plate in prime condition.

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[rs_blockquote cite=”Jon Crofts”]“There’s nothing in our seafood market that I wouldn’t serve my own family.”[/rs_blockquote]

As a family business Codfathers has always been aware of the importance of conserving our amazing ocean resources and using them thoughtfully so that future generations can enjoy them too.

This concern culminated in our decision back in 2006 to become partners with Vancouver Aquarium’s Ocean Wise program. After being accepted for the program, we were proud to be the first full-service fish market in Canada to embrace Ocean Wise.

All seafood items in our store are clearly labeled with the Ocean Wise logo if they are considered sustainable by Vancouver Auarium’s team of biologists (the vast majority of our products are).

Also, for products where there are no Ocean Wise alternatives we always source the most sustainable option that we can find. In addition we have committed to promoting and encouraging small artisanal fisheries, and wherever possible providing the names of the boats/fishers, the area where they are caught and the method of catch used, to our customers.


We’re proud to have The Table at Codfathers Market under our roof.  This small space, just to the left as you walk in the door, focuses on creating dishes that use 100% sustainable seafood, served in a fresh, simple manner.

While the flagship dish would be our Tempura Style Fish and Chips, our soups, curries, and sandwiches are hard to beat.

Visit The Table at Codfathers Market web site.

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