Both Jon and Anne- Marie believe passionately that seafood should not be treated as just another mass produced protein, and that it should have special status as one of the few remaining foods that have to be hunted and gathered, sometimes at considerable risk to the fisherman. The place for modern fishmongers in the world is to show these wild gems the respect that they deserve, and use their mongering skills to ensure that fish is presented and prepared to the highest standard, so that they make it to the plate in prime condition.


Codfathers has been owned and operated since 2002 by Jon and Anne-Marie Crofts, who emigrated from the south of England a few months earlier.


As fishmongers, owners and parents we care not only about our oceans but what we feed our kids and I can personally tell you there is nothing on my shelf that I wouldn’t take home and feed our family.

Take a look in our showcase … you’ll see there are labels about how our fish were caught … and in some cases, we’ll name the boat and fisherman who caught it.

So why buy from us? Well, I believe that you should buy seafood from a fishmonger who brings in artisanal fish products from fishermen we know are ethical and also from sustainably managed fisheries.

I’m happy to say a lot of the fantastic restaurants in the Okanagan get their seafood from us – their ‘stamp of approval’ is something we’re proud of. If the great restaurants you’re familiar with here buy from us … that alone says something about the seafood we’re bringing in to the Valley.

Above all, we’re here to help and answers questions – feel free to ask away and from all our family here at Codfathers Seafood Market, we’re thankful for your business.

Real Seafood.  Real Simple. 



You can find us in the Mission area of Kelowna at the corner of Gordon and Guisachan Road.

2355 Gordon Drive, Kelowna BC

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Real Seafood. Real Simple.

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